From Top to Bottom…

Our promise

We promise to bring our

customers’ visions to life within

the comfort of their homes.

Our Character

We honor our customers’ wishes

to shape their homes in ways that

they dream. No request is too big.

Our Priority

We put our customers first when

speaking with them one on one

during our free estimates.

Your home can be transformed from the floors, baseboards, closets, cabinetry, countertops, and even your hardware. Whether you are remodeling an old house, new house, repairing, or expanding, we are able to provide you many selections, affordable pricing, and efficient professional staffing.

The customers have the ability to see digital previews before their visions come to life. With many years of experience in designing and creating customers’ dreams, Your Floor to Ceiling Shop, INC is looking forward to assisting you with yours!

Who We Are

Most homes that people buy always want to change something about it. 

A lot of houses now a days have carpet from the 90s, bathrooms from the 80s and layouts from the 70s. Your Floor to Ceiling Shop, INC gives you have the freedom to modernize them to your vision!